1.25 mm Pitch
  • 51021-0200
    • 51021-0200 (1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™)
    • 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™ Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Housing, Female, 2 Circuits
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  • 일반적 특성

    Category크림프 하우징
    시리즈 51021
    적용제품Signal, 와이어 대 보드, 와이어 대 와이어
    전체보기 PicoBlade™ Connector System

    물리적 특성

    최대 회로수2
    색상 - 플라스틱천연색
    Glow-Wire 적용No
    결합제품 잠금장치Yes
    원재료 - 플라스틱Polyester
    Net Weight26.150/mg
    열 수1
    포장타입백 (Bag)
    피치 - 결합부1.25mm
    결합제품 오삽입 장치Yes
    End-to-End 연결형No
    사용온도 범위-40°C to +85°C

    전기적 특성

    (Please review the Product Specification for specific details.)
    전류 - 접촉 당 최대 출력0.8A, 1A

    Agency Certification

    Please find UL Certificates by searching the UL Database using the Molex Series Number. Click here to visit the UL Database

    원재료 정보

    참고 - 도면번호

    Packaging SpecificationSPK-51021-001
    제품규격PS-51021-001, PS-51021-002, PS-51021-009, PS-51021-010, PS-51021-011, PS-51021-022, PS-51021-023, PS-51021-024, PS-51021-025, PS-51021-026, PS-51021-027, PS-51021-028, RPS-51021-001, RPS-51021-002, RPS-51021-003, RPS-51021-004, RPS-51021-006, RPS-51021-007, RPS-51021-008, RPS-51021-009, RPS-51021-010, RPS-51021-011, RPS-51021-012, RPS-51021-013, RPS-51021-014, RPS-51021-015, RPS-51021-018, RPS-51021-020, RPS-51021-021, RPS-51021-023, RPS-51021-024, RPS-51021-025, RPS-51021-028, RPS-51021-030, RPS-51021-031, RPS-51021-032, RPS-51021-033, RPS-51021-034, RPS-51021-037, RPS-51021-038, RPS-51021-039, RPS-51021-040, RPS-51021-041, RPS-51021-042, RPS-51021-043, RPS-51021-044, RPS-51021-045, RPS-51021-046, RPS-51021-047, RPS-51021-048, RPS-51021-051, RPS-51021-052, RPS-51021-053, RPS-51021-054, RPS-51021-055, RPS-51021-056, RPS-51021-057, RPS-51021-058, RPS-51021-059, RPS-51021-060, RPS-51021-061, RPS-51021-062, RPS-51021-063, RPS-51021-064, RPS-51021-065, RPS-51021-066, RPS-51021-067, RPS-51021-068, RPS-51021-071, RPS-51021-072, RPS-51021-073, RPS-51021-074, RPS-51021-076, RPS-51021-077, RPS-51021-079, RPS-51021-080, RPS-51021-081, RPS-51021-084, RPS-51021-085, RPS-51021-086, RPS-51021-089, RPS-51021-091, RPS-51021-092, RPS-51021-096, RPS-51021-097, RPS-51021-101, RPS-51021-102, RPS-51021-103, RPS-51021-104, RPS-51021-105, RPS-51021-107, RPS-51021-108, RPS-51021-112, RPS-51021-114, RPS-51021-117, RPS-51021-118, RPS-51021-121, RPS-51021-122, RPS-53398-002, RPS-53398-037, RPS-53398-038, RPS-53398-039
    도면SD-51021-002, SD-51021-005

고객센터 02)6679-1881

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