3.00mm Pitch
  • 43045-1000
    • 43045-1000 (Micro-Fit 3.0™ Header)
    • Micro-Fit 3.0™ Header, Surface Mount Compatible, Dual Row, Right Angle, with Snap-in Plastic Peg PCB Lock, 10 Circuits, Tin (Sn) Plating, Glow Wire Compatible
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    CategoryPCB 헤더
    적용제품Power, 와이어 대 보드
    설명High Temperature, Square Pin, Solder Type

    This Molex product is manufactured from material that has the following ratings, tested by independent agencies:
    a) A Glow Wire Ignition Temperature (GWIT) of at least 775 deg C per IEC 60695-2-13.
    b) A Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) above 850 deg C per IEC 60695-2-12.and hence complies with the requirements set out in the International Standard IEC 60335-1 5th edition - household and similar electrical appliances - safety, section 30 Resistance to heat and fire.

    The customers using this product must determine its suitability for use in their particular application through testing or other acceptable means as described in end-product glow-wire flammability test standard IEC 60695-2-11 and any applicable product end-use standard(s).

    If it is determined during the customer’s evaluation of suitability, that higher performance is required, please contact Molex for possible product options.

    전체보기Micro-Fit 3.0™ Connectors
    Product Literature Order No987650-5984
    제품명Micro-Fit 3.0™

    물리적 특성

    최대 회로수10
    색상 - 플라스틱검정색
    내구성(최대 메이팅 사이클)30
    Glow-Wire 적용Yes
    Mated Height10.29mm
    원재료 - 메탈황동
    원재료 - 도금부주석
    원재료 - 도금부 터미네이션주석
    원재료 - 플라스틱고내열 수지 (플라스틱)
    Net Weight1.677/g
    열 수2
    PCB 고정위치Yes
    PCB 유지력Yes
    PCB Thickness - Recommended1.60mm
    피치 - 결합부3.00mm
    최소도금: 결합0.254µm
    PCB 오삽입 장치Yes
    End-to-End 연결형No
    표면실장호환성 (SMC)Yes
    사용온도 범위-40°C to +105°C
    터미네이션 결합방식스루홀

    전기적 특성

    (Please review the Product Specification for specific details.)
    전류 - 접촉 당 최대 출력5A

    Agency Certification

    Please find UL Certificates by searching the UL Database using the Molex Series Number. Click here to visit the UL Database

    납땜 프로세스 정보

    최대 프로세스 온도 지속시간 (초)30
    Lead-free 프로세스 능력SMC & WAVE CAPABLE (TH만)
    최대 프로세스 온도에서의 최대 사이클3
    최대 프로세스 온도260

    원재료 정보

    참고 - 도면번호

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